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Get Real forex mailing list - E-junkie I think this is the most useful MACD indicator but I couldn't find it for . But this solution didn't work because the zero axis of both indicators is plotted within different scales. Hi im also looking for this indi, search all forums and goggle but can still not find it. I downloaded your MACD_Os MA_4Color H_2LVar_f from this thread but after applying it on my chart, it doesn't come up with anything. Offer Actula forex list with real subscribers with real conversion rate.

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Best Forex Robot Expert Advisor I hope to have a long and profitable trading relationship with Speed Trader! This performance table is a list of some of the best forex robots otherwise known as forex expert advisors on the market. It compares their performance over a month.

MotiveWave Stocks, Futures, Options and Two common questions that I get from aspiring forex traders are: “which currency pairs are best to trade? ” This two-part article will first address the question “which currency pairs are best to trade? MotiveWave's Analysis and Trading Platform allows professional trading and analysis of equities, futures, options and forex online using leading edge tools.

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